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20 Photos to Inspire you to Visit Egypt

The Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza

I kissed a girl and I liked it!

The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, Cairo

The Luxor Temple

Colossi of Ramses II, Luxor Temple

Giant obelisk at the Luxor Temple

Statues of Ramses II as the god Osiris

Temple of Hatshepsut, Valley of the Kings

Horus, the falcon headed god

Hathor – goddess of fertility, motherhood and beauty


The Karnak Temple, Luxor

The Incomparable Karnak Temple with Avenue of Rams

Abu Simbel Temples, Aswan

Temple of Abu Simbel

Ramses II and his favourite wife, Nefertari

Queen Nefertari

Nile River Cruise, Aswan

Afternoon trip on the Nile !


Egypt is a destination close to, or at the top of every world traveller’s bucket list. It was certainly at the top of mine! Egyptophile or not, you cannot help but be awed by Egypt’s jaw-dropping monuments, priceless artifacts, and its history as a powerful and advanced civilization that laid the foundations for modern life. Selecting 20 photos to inspire you to visit Egypt was not easy! From chaotic Cairo in the north to laid back Aswan in the south, the present is always juxtaposed with the past. New discoveries are unearthed constantly that fuel the world’s fascination with the ancient Egyptians.

I had a childhood dream of visiting the land of the mighty Pharaohs and being immersed in the enthralling history that I saw in movies and documentaries. In June 2015,  I leapt at the opportunity to visit Egypt when my cousin received a diplomatic posting at the U.S Embassy in Cairo.  Memories of my most epic journey to date are still vivid in my mind and I always dream of returning in the near future!

I chose these 20 photos to inspire you to visit Egypt for these reasons: all travellers MUST visit the Pyramids of Giza and Sphinx regardless of being over touristy. The Egyptian Museum of Antiquities is a glorious treasure trove of relics and artwork for history buffs. The Karnak and Luxor Temples will blow your mind with their colossal statues, obelisks and pillars. The Temple of Queen Hatshepsut was built by Egypt’s first FEMALE pharaoh of the same name. She seized power from her young stepson Thutmose III and dedicated the shrine to herself!  Aswan provides a cool, relaxing getaway on the River Nile and is home to Egypt’s Nubian population and the incredible UNESCO Heritage site, the Abu Simbel Temples.

We’re all aware of travel advisories and security concerns regarding Egypt. Note however, that if an incident happens in one area it doesn’t mean that the entire country is in an uproar! As with all destinations, enjoy yourself but exercise common sense and be vigilant. I hope my 20 selected photos will pique your interest and inspire you to visit this amazing country!



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  • Reply
    at 12:50 PM

    How did you manage to get hardly anyone in the background? I have heard that some of those places are always busy! I want to go to Egypt so bad but I have heard that harassment is a real issue when you travel as a solo female. I may wait and go with someone!

    • Victoria Hawkins
      Victoria Hawkins
      at 1:18 PM

      I went to visit my cousin in summertime, so the off-season coupled with going extra early in the morning got me some better pics. We had a great guide called Ali Ahmed who did tours with us and that kept the harassment at bay at the sites. Harassment is real though, nobody does anything out of the goodness of their heart over there, they always want a tip! As a solo female, I recommend a tour guide or group.

  • Reply
    at 1:05 PM

    Ancient cities are my thing. Visiting Egypt is on my list and your post and brilliant photos inspire me even more to plan a trip.

  • Reply
    at 7:10 PM

    These photos are SO great! I just love the fun illusory ones. You’re totally right, it’s certainly on everyone’s bucket list. I really hope I get the chance to visit one day and this just reminds me why. Great post!

  • Reply
    at 8:25 PM

    Incredible. I feel like Egypt is one of those places that you just have to see to believe. It’s on my list for sure!

  • Reply
    at 8:57 PM

    These photos are awesome! My favorite is the fourth one! So much personality. Was it crowded when you went? Were you able to speak to locals who live next to the Nile? How did they feel about living in such a historic place? Thanks for sharing your pictures!

    • Victoria Hawkins
      Victoria Hawkins
      at 10:06 AM

      Thanks so much! Surprisingly the Pyramids weren’t terribly crowded when we went in the afternoon. We were able to move freely with our guide Ali. In Aswan, we stayed at a BnB run by a local with local Nubian staff. Egyptians are proud of their ancient history!

  • Reply
    at 9:01 PM

    I was already convinced a while ago that I need to go but your photos sealed the deal! Looks like you had an awesome time!

    • Victoria Hawkins
      Victoria Hawkins
      at 9:59 AM

      I did this post wondering…do people really need to be inspired to visit Egypt of all places ???? LOL. The relics and monuments are awesome to behold. I simply can’t forget the place!

  • Reply
    Erin Gustafson | Oregon Girl Around the World
    at 8:38 AM

    What an epic opportunity to be able to explore this amazing country. You have definitely inspired. It’s amazing how well preserved so much of the ancient Egyptian monuments and temples are to this day. Super cool. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

    • Victoria Hawkins
      Victoria Hawkins
      at 10:01 AM

      Thank you very much! I want to do more posts on this amazing destination, one isn’t enough!

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