Nowherian (no-way-ree-an) :  Trinidadian parlance for  “a person of no fixed place of abode”. It also means someone who enjoys wandering and knocking about !

Hello! I’m Victoria and welcome to my blog “The Nowherian Daughter“. Here, I will share my tips and experiences about the exciting destinations I’ve been fortunate to visit !  I am from the beautiful twin-island republic of Trinidad & Tobago in the southern Caribbean. As a child, I developed a love for travel after my first plane ride to our sister island of Tobago. When cable TV was introduced to my country in the early 90s, The Travel Channel was my favourite. I watched it every chance I got, wishing I was the correspondent who got to experience the amazing featured destinations! I usually travel to North America to visit relatives but my first trip out of that comfort zone was Dubai.  That city has the honour of being the furthest I’ve been from home to date !

Why I Started a Blog

I decided to start The Nowherian Daughter for various reasons: to share my travel experiences and tips, own an internet domain and develop new skills. I chose my blog title after my mother’s exclamation “My nowherian daughter come back home!” on my return home from Dubai. Traveling not only fills me with immense joy and excitement, it has expanded my horizons, enabled me to challenge traditional mindsets and exposed me to a host of new opportunities. I’ve become a more independent, confident and self-reliant person. I’m hugely grateful to fellow bloggers for providing blog basics and never ending inspiration to do what makes you happy !

Currently, I work as a college secretary in Trinidad. My ultimate dream however, is to travel for a living…. and who knows…. maybe appear on The Travel Channel ! I will continue to nurture the dream that one day, I’ll be able to quit my desk job and satisfy my chronic wanderlust!


I encourage everyone to get out of their current location and see the world. Save a tiny portion of your salary each month and take a trip to a neighbouring city, island or country. I guarantee that you will become a stronger, wiser and more well-rounded version of yourself !